Ultrasonography machine model AeroScan CD25, with Ultra-Compact System and Excellent Vision

AeroScan CD25

AeroScan CD25 Cardiology / Ultrasound

  • Ultra-Compact System with Excellent Vision
  • 15 inch high definition LED monitor with articulating arm
  • 4 Active transducer sockets are available for a wide range of applications
  • Auto Calculation : Auto IMT, PW Auto-trace.
  • u-scan Imaging filtering technology for superior Image Perfomance
  • Vivid 3D/4D acquisition, data rendering & Post- Processing fuctionality
  • Multi-slice edit function to help easily analyze the internal structure of the fetus.
  • Triplex : help to capture the real-time information of the tissue with active B/Color/PW mode.

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